Huili School Nantong‘s
Scholarship Programme
Huili School Nantong aspires to create a caring, bilingual community that develops well-rounded individuals with strong values and skills to thrive within an ever-changing global society. We provide a learning environment with the best of Eastern and Western education systems that promote the Huili Identity, which is being Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inclusive. In line with this philosophy, we are delighted to announce that Huili School Nantong has now launched its own scholarship programme to recognise outstanding pupils with excellent academic performance and all-round development. In line with its UK counterpart, our school aims to use scholarships to bring our premium education to a wider audience. Gaining a scholarship to Huili Nantong is a education-changing endeavour and one that will set your children up for life.
2022-Huili School Nantong‘s Scholarship Programme for the 2022-2023 academic year
Target beneficiaries: pupils who exhibit outstanding academic performance,leadership potential and unfailing kindness to their peers
Target beneficiaries: pupils with outstanding performance in the arts,sports and music
Academic Scholarship

The potential and possibilities of inspired, young pupils are boundless. Huili Nantong identifies these pupils early and provides a programme that enables them to achieve excellence through our scholarship system.

Applications for Academic Scholarships are now open to G7 pupils who enroll in February 2023 and for Grade 6 and above who enrol in September 2023. Scholarships are generally in the range of 10 – 50% (although they can exceed this amount for exceptional children) and will be reviewed every year with consecutive awards dependent on continued excellence, discipline and a positive contribution to school life.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships aim to recognise pupils who have a high level of musical talent and passion, encouraging and helping them to achieve their musical aspirations. It is a bridge to the musical world for pupils. The Music Scholarship is also open to applications from G7 pupils who enroll in February 2023 and Grade 6 and above who enrol in September 2023.

Sports Scholarship

Huili School Nantong's Sports Scholarship aims to seek pupils with a high level of athletic talent and passion for sports, encouraging them to be well-rounded, to strive for excellence, to promote the spirit of sport, to maintain sport as a long-term project, and to achieve self-fulfilment in health and sport.

Sports Scholarship is open to current G7 pupils as well as pupils who will enroll in Grade 7 in February 2023 and in Grade 6 and above in September 2023. Applicants approved by the Huili Scholarship Committee will receive up to 50% tuition fee deducted.

Through the scholarship programme, we encourage and acknowledge pupils' academic achievement and excellence, helping them to maintain the sustainable development and achieve their future possibilities.

The scholarship programme for the academic year 2022-2023 is now open for application. For enquiries, please contact the admissions office by email to admissions.hsn@huilieducation.cn