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At Huili Nantong, we will nourish the body as well as the mind

02 Jun 2022

With less than 100 days to go before Huili Nantong begins its inaugural year, we hope you are as excited as we are about providing your children with a world-class learning environment this September. But a great school is more than just great teachers, quality facilities and abundant resources. At Huili School Nantong we intend to nourish not just the mind but the body as well. And we are confident that you and your child will love what we will be cooking this coming academic year. 



A globally trusted food service brand


Huili School Nantong’s food service will come courtesy of Sodexo Group. Sodexo is one of the largest catering suppliers for international schools in Asia. It is trusted by over 1000 schools in 32 countries. It has worked with Wellington College in the UK for more than 50 years and has provided catering services for several other Wellington College China Schools, such as Wellington Tianjin, Huili School Hangzhou, Huili Nursery Hangzhou and Wellington International School Hangzhou. 





A balanced diet diverse in flavours


At Huili School Nantong, teaching our pupils the importance of a healthy and balanced diet will be a top priority. We will provide nutritionally balanced meals prepared on-site with fresh, seasonal produce. 


Cuisine offerings will be diverse. Pupils will have the opportunity to savour regional Chinese options from the likes of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan and Huaiyang.




We will also offer flavours from around the globe with popular Western dishes such as pasta as well as selections from South America and even Southeast Asia. 








Our food will contain no trans fats, MSG or preservatives and fried foods will be served at a minimum. Options will be available for pupils who eat plant-based diets as well. For our pupils, snacks will also be provided to help them replenish their energy. 





Fun and educational food activities


In addition to our delicious daily menus, we will offer a variety of interactive culinary experiences that will broaden our pupils’ horizons as they learn about food and its role in health and wellbeing. These will include activities such as nutrition workshops, cooking classes and chef exchange programmes. We will also organise activities such as ‘Green’ days, DIY classes and table etiquette classes. 


Food will also be a medium for teaching our pupils about various traditions and customs. Our DIY Food Lab, for instance, will organise culinary activities around seasonal festivals, making tangyuan for Lantern Festival, zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival, mooncakes for Mid-Autumn, pumpkin cupcakes for Halloween, gingerbread men for Christmas and much more. We will even incorporate food education into the 24 Solar Terms of the Chinese calendar, with activities such as the traditional egg fighting children play to welcome summer. 



We hope your children are as exited to try our food offering as we are to serve it. We look forward to seeing you all this September.


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