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Huili School Nantong is guided by a clear Vision and Purpose founded upon three strong pillars and expressed in our motto: ‘Be You. Be More.’


Our Vision and Purpose


We offer a pioneering education to serve and help shape a better world.


We are dedicated to connecting the educational excellence of the East and West to create a pupil-centric, bilingual, bicultural learning experience.


We inspire our children to be the best version of themselves, to take pride in where they come from and to be the change they wish to see in the world.


Be You. Be More.

Inspiring our children to be Learners, Connectors, and Changemakers.



Our Three Pillars


We are Learners

with the passion, intrinsic motivation and critical thinking that enables us to solve real world challenges.

We are Connectors

with the confidence, openness and empathy to bridge cultural chasms and bring our world closer together.

We are Changemakers

with the knowledge, networks and commitment to better serve our community and make a positive impact on the future.