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Huili will have a uniform policy which all pupils and parents need to adhere to. School uniforms are believed to promote a sense of pride in our school and solidarity between pupils. School uniforms are expected to be worn appropriately by every pupil. Pupils are expected to present themselves in a neat, clean and professional manner at all times.


Sensible adherence to this policy will be the responsibility of everyone in the school community. Parents, guardians, staff and pupils themselves all have a role to play in making it work.


As with all Huili schools. We will choose a world-leading food service company as our catering service provider. All pupils are required to eat school lunches, except for those with religious or medical considerations. 

School Buses
For the convenience of our pupils and parents, we will provide a daily school bus service. Through a rigorous tendering process, the school will ensure we are working with the most effective, safe and efficient company that meets the needs of our individual pupils. We will endeavour to optimise each school bus trip to provide safe, reliable and pleasant services for our pupils.
Air Quality Policy

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our pupils, staff and families is our top priority at Huili. The campus facilities will be equipped with reliable air filtration systems.  We will monitor pollution levels on a regular basis during each day, using information provided by the local authority.

Healthcare Centre

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils and staff members, Huili School Nantong will offer a well-equipped healthcare centre which is run by fully qualified nursing professionals.


Prior to children starting at the school, parents must complete the medical form detailing any allergies or illnesses that they may have. The healthcare centre will treat all injuries and illnesses to the best of its ability. 

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