Here at Huili School Nantong we aim to maximise the use of our world class sporting facilities. Giving our pupils the best opportunities to learn new and develop existing skills. Lessons will be fun and engaging, with our aim to make PE and Sport accessible for all pupils, regardless of their ability.  

Our curriculum will be broad ranging, offering both individual and team sports that allow pupils to develop transferable life skills.  They will develop confidence, an open-minded outlook to all aspects of PE and Sport and develop a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Teamwork and co-operation will be fundamental elements to build both staff and pupils success. That sense of community will develop through pupil’s voice in curriculum development and PE staff working closely with pupils and classroom staff to bring sporting successes and enjoyment for everyone. 

We want PE and Sport to be the focal point for a strong community spirit at Huili School Nantong. 


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