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Leveraging the powerful advantages of Wellington college China, Huili School Nantong will officially start offering the Grade 9-Grade 11 pupils in the 2024-25 academic year. With outstanding academic achievements, a powerful teaching team, and authentic British-style boarding as the three major strengths, the school provides pupils with a stable, all-encompassing growth platform, establishing a solid foundation for their future and guiding them towards their dream schools.



Huili School Nantong Open Day — Senior High
Time:9:30-12:00 21st June 2024
Location:Huili School Nantong


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Core Curriculum



Chinese will be a bespoke curriculum based on the National G10 curriculum. As a Chinese pupil, learning about Chinese literature, history, and culture can help them gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own heritage, as well as a broader perspective on the world.


Chinese pupils have a relatively strong background in mathematics, but as their previous language of study was Chinese, they can use CAIE's additional maths curriculum as their main focus for the year in order to better articulate with the A-level programme that follows. Pupils will use this time to fill in knowledge gaps, language gaps and to enhance critical thinking skills.


We will draw on Wellington College Tianjin's experience to give pupils a tailor-made English programme. This programme focuses on pupils' ability to acquire English language, thus helping them to be able to study a number of subjects in English in their future A-level courses.

Global Perspectives

Having a Global Perspectives subject can benefit pupils by providing a comprehensive understanding of different cultures, values, and perspectives from around the world. The course also broadens their horizons, enhances critical thinking skills, and prepares them for higher education and career opportunities in a globalized world. Furthermore,studying a Global Perspectives course can prepare pupils to address global issues and challenges and make informed decisions as they navigate a rapidly changing world. In addition, this is another way to improve children’s English acquisition.


Similar to Maths, we will use the IGCSE Chemistry as a basis for this programme. It will not only bridge the knowledge gap, but also prepare pupils to make a formal transition to their future A-level courses. We will also focus more onpupils' ability to design experiments, operate experiments and analyse data, thus developing their scientific literacy.Chemistry will be a compulsory subject for all pupils.

Wellbeing and University Guidance

Our wellbeing programme will focus on the following areas: resilience and independence; physical and mental health,self-awareness and social-emotional competence. In addition, this time will be also used for university guidance. Pupils will receive comprehensive advice on their career path, courses and jobs that enable them to make a proper and informed choice.

In addition to these core subjects, the Grade 10 curriculum will also include Biology, Physics, Economics, ComputerScience, Physical Education, Art and Music to help pupils develop holistically.

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Strong Faculty


A strong faculty is a powerful support for pupils to successfully apply to their dream schools. As every outstanding graduate has shared, professional subject teachers can always impart knowledge in the way that pupils can best acceptit. In addition to subject teaching, they also take care of pupils' mental health and welfare and focus on the development of pupils' soft skills. At Huili School Nantong, the Grade 10 teaching team is such a professional and experienced group. They ensure that pupils study solidly while providing more personalized support and guidance to help pupils achieve their academic and personal goals.

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Progression to higher education


The level and depth of achievement, however, far exceeds even this impressive measurement. Amongst those who have so far received their decisions, more than one in four pupils have received an offer from a top-20 ranked institution (QS WorldRankings 2023) with, overall, offers received from half of these world-leading institutions.



Excellent academic achievements are attributed to our experienced university guidance advisors. Starting from the first year of senior school, our university guidance advisors provide pupils with various college information, guides them incourse selection, helps them cultivate learning motivation, and determine their future development direction. In the second and third year of senior school, our team analyzes college admission data for each pupil and guides them in making reasonable school choices, as well as assisting pupils in preparing application materials and completing college applications.



If you would like to attend the Grade 10 Meet the Master event, please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!