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Introducing the Huili School Nantong Teachers – Part 3

02 Jun 2022


This week we will continue to introduce three teachers that will join us in August.



Jane Ma

Deputy Head of Boarding 



Jane comes  from China. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Xuzhou Normal University. After graduating, she worked as an English teacher in Suzhou Vocational Health College for two years. Meanwhile, she was appointed to be a homeroom teacher of a nursery class, but quickly had the urge to teach abroad.


Eventually, she obtained her Master of Arts (in Interpreting and Translation) from the University of Western Sydney in 2007, which polished her English skills on all aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. At that stage she decided to try her hand at something else and pursued a career in sales and customer service. For her, it was not only a challenge but also an opportunity. Thirteen years in sales and customer service gave her a wealth of experience, enabling her to communicate with others from different backgrounds effectively, gain rapport and put her feet into other people’s shoes. Additionally, it provided an opportunity to get to know the western culture and customs. 


2019 was a turning point in her life. She came back to China and started working at an international school in Wuxi but, instead of academic teaching, as Head of Boarding, she was accountable for the leadership and management of human and physical resources, pastoral care of both students and staff and a high level of duty of care within the boarding house. She encouraged, developed and maintained a family like environment within the boarding house for three years before joining Huili School Nantong. 


She is a person who embraces new challenges: she likes running, skiing, yoga, basketball travelling and cooking. She has a daughter who is 9 years old and who will study at Huili School Nantong in September.



Helen Nugent

Primary English Teacher



Helen Nugent is from the Wirral, England. She has been teaching in primary education for eight years and graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree and a master's degree in Creative Education from the University of Chester. 


Having been a teacher for eight years, she believes a holistic education is vital for a child to succeed academically, socially and emotionally. During her Batchelor of Education degree at the University of Chester the educational practices she experienced, opened her eyes to the impact culture can have on a child’s education and the importance of a child’s voice within the classroom. 


She has a special love for music and plays flute, piccolo and recorder. She is a keen gardener, avid reader and enjoys doing a range of crafts and always willing to try something new, which is why she is really excited about coming to China and exploring its rich culture and history. 



Tom Li

Junior High Maths Teacher 



Tom Li is born and bred in China but graduated from the National University of Singapore, with a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics. He began his teaching career in Singapore, taught students across different grades and curricula, including IBDP, A-level and iGCSE. To strengthen his subject knowledge and teaching skills, he pursued a higher degree at the National Institute of Education, NTU, Singapore, and graduated with master’s degree in Mathematics Education. 


After living overseas for 13 years, he came back to China in 2018. Since then, he has been more exposed to Chinese teaching and learning in an internationalized setting. It gives him the opportunity to look at it from both sides in depth. All these experiences give him great joy and a sense of responsibility being part of this everchanging and rewarding profession, with vast potential to benefit the future.


Besides curriculum teaching and learning, he has also been actively participating in maths Olympiad coaching since the beginning of his teaching career. He used to run related CCA programs in Singapore local schools and his previous schools in China, with good results in international maths competitions such as SASMO and AMC.


The new teachers from Huili School Nantong are looking forward to meeting their new pupils with great enthusiasm and expectation in September.



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